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Training! Training? Why spend money on something that's not a product?

Managers seldom say it this way, but often training is neglected because it doesn't affect the bottom line.

"Increased productivity" is the mantra of modern business, but increasing productivity is easy to say and hard to do. Have you ever heard the saying "You have to spend money to make money!"? Training is the number one way to increase productivity. It is the number one way to spend money to make money.

What? Aren't computers the solution to increased productivity? The faster, the better... What point is there to having the fastest race car on the track if you don't know how to drive it well? Likewise, the best computers in the world don't help much if the only thing they are used for is sending email.

Money spent on computers is wasted if the people don't use it effectively, so spending on equipment should be complimented by spending on training.

We offer tutoring and classes to answer your training needs.

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