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You have a high speed internet connection, and you would like your kid to be able to access it in his/her room rather than tying up your computer that you use every evening to research ways to reduce your medical expenses or maintain your www.raisingchinchillas4fun.org website without having to pay for an extra cable modem or more fees to the cable company. Would a home network solve this, and should you pay for special wiring, network through the household electrical wiring or  go wireless?

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Your small business has three computers and every time someone needs some data on someone else's computer, the data has to be copied to a floppy and carried over to another desk, interrupting two people's work. Also, no one EVER backs up his/her system because it would take about 1000 floppies or 20 CDs. Would having a small central data server and an inexpensive network fix this problem?

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We can help you decide and we can install your network. Check out the links to install cable and wireless to read further discussion on the various types of networks available.

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